So you wanna know more about this comic? Well okay, here’s a bit of extra info.

I’ve always been playing with thoughts about making a comic of my own, but at the same time I always put myself down because my drawings are too ugly, and who would want to read something from me.. Well no more of that negative vibe.

So I’ve spent the last years reading all kinds of webcomics, and when I was bored, I looked for more. Then I bumped into the webcomic from LoneStarNorth.. He creates his comic with his own D&D characters! Now there’s an idea.. I figured I have plenty of D&D toons myself to create a major story with, and so I did. So thank you LSN for giving me that last little push I needed.

Characters; check. Idea’s; check.

I could make my own webcomic now! And so I did and Walking InTo Trouble was born.
Due to personal circumstances it took me about a year to get going, but now that it’s live, I can’t stop.

To be fair I planned out the major events of the main storyline, but most of the time I come up with random stuff while drawing, and thus I never know what I’m creating until the page is finished.

In the meanwhile I’m hoping to form some kind of community, of like-minded people. Who enjoy my comic and have a cozy little place to call home and spend some time with friends when they’re bored. So registering and posting would help me out reaching that goal.

Well, I don’t know what else to tell you about the comic. Just read it and enjoy!
– Comedicus