Hi everybody!

I’m Comedicus, the creator of Walking InTo Trouble.

My real name is Richard, and I live in the great harbor city Rotterdam in the dark and rainy Netherlands. I like to think I have a regular life. I went to school, got a job met a girl and got married. Sounds pretty regular to me, no? Oh, I forgot to tell you how old I am, but since I plan to be writing this comic for quite some time, it’s not gonna help putting that number down here… So here’s my birth-date instead: 24th of october 1985.

Let’s see, I’ve told you my name, the place where I live and my age.. So let’s talk hobbies! Obviously I like comics and obviously I like Dungeons and Dragons, but what else do I like? Well let me tell you, I love to dance…. Yes, I know.. Dancing.. But yeah! Dancing is awesome! But the music needs to be good, so that brings me to the next subject; music! I kinda appreciate any kind of music, as long as it’s not too deep into the genre. When drawing I like to listen to house music, the returning beats work hypnotising and make me focus like a madman.

Next to D&D I like all kinds of games, board games like Arcadia Quest, video games like World of Warcraft, but the best games out there are those old-school games like Day of the Tentacle. The amount of time I spent in the virtual world might be considered unhealthy by some, but hey! I’m still here!

I’m not much of a television guy though. Sure, some series and movies are entertaining, but I’d rather have something I can interact with. Although cartoons always brighten my day!

That pretty much sums it up I guess, as I’ve said; I’m just a regular guy, no special stories to tell.. But if you wanna know more, feel free to send me a message on whatever platform you’re comfortable with, and I’ll get back to you.

Take care,
– Comedicus