I’ll be posting fan-art of other (web)comics here.
If you have a comic of your own, feel free to contact me with a character you’d like to see featured on this page!

Kit Karidoo Character: Kit Karidoo
Comic: Kit Karidoo
Draw date: 01 October 2015

I recently discovered Kit Karidoo, and I instantly loved the little fella! So I couldn’t wait to take a selfie with him!

Chief Character: Haley
Comic: Order of the Stick
Draw date: 13 August 2015

Order of the Stick is one of my favorite webcomics. It’s a long story to read through, but Rich Burlew has been busy for a couple of years now.
I’m not going to spoil anything about this comic, just read it! You won’t be disappointed.

Chief Character: Chief
Comic: Goblins
Draw date: 07 August 2015

One of the most popular webcomics around; Goblins. A bunch of goblins who decide to be player characters to defend their homes. But as it goes with all player characters, they get into the strangest and most dangerous of situations. They’re resourceful enough to get out of any situation so far though.

ninjak Character: Ninjak
Comic: Ninjak
Draw date: 31 July 2015

Drawing I made for Valiant Comics on #FanArtFriday. Ninjak is a published comic, not a webcomic. It’s a really popular comic, even though it’s not one of the big ones like Spiderman. If you’re into ninja’s and you’re near a comic book store, I suggest you pick one up.

Character: Jim
Comic: MeAndMyPixels
Draw date: 30 July 2015

Jim is a rogue in this awesome RPG webcomic from LAYF.
Here’s what LAYF has to say about MeAndMyPixels:

MeAndMyPixels is a choose your own story kind of comic, the art is simplistic pixel art.
Basicly the comic is a small rpg, where all readers takes part in forming the story, by voting for what actions they want the main character(s) to take. Furthermore readers can also take part in the live updating for each comic page and affect the characters in more detail.